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What is the meaning of heat flux for gas equipments

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What is the meaning of heat flux for gas equipments

For example, the power of 3.8kw and 4.2kW gas stoves can be converted into hourly gas consumption.

In other words, the gas consumption of the two stove eyes is different. It means that the gas stove works at the maximum power under standard conditions, 

and the power of 3.8 kW will be generated by consuming natural gas in one hour. This value can be converted into kcal or Joule commonly used.


The higher the heat load, the greater the amount of gas consumed per unit time. It is not how much heat load, but how much can be used. The real utilization rate of gas depends on the thermal efficiency.

When the gas stove is working, the gas enters the stove from the air inlet pipe, enters the stove head through the adjustment of the gas valve (adjusted by the user through the knob), and mixes a part of air (this part of air is called primary air), which is sprayed out from the fire hole of the distributor and ignited by the ignition device to form a flame (the air required for combustion is called secondary air), These flames are used to heat cooking utensils placed on the pot support.

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