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How to choose pizza ovens

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How to choose pizza ovens

Oven type

First, start a business. Regardless of the size of the store, you must choose a commercial pizza oven. 

Don't choose a household pizza oven to save money. 

The work efficiency is low and the product quality is not ideal.

Chain oven: crawler oven with hot air circulation and convection heating. 

The penetration effect is very good. It does not rely on manual work. 

It is very convenient to use. 

A pizza takes only 4-5 minutes. It can work continuously and has high production efficiency.

The operating cost of the electric oven is directly proportional to the volume. 

The larger the volume, the greater the power, and the more electricity consumption. 

However, now the market has also developed energy-saving ovens, and the cost will come down. 

If you choose a gas oven, the cost of natural gas will be lower.

Whether it is a layer furnace or a chain furnace, the power supply setting of each layer is controlled separately, which is more energy-saving and humanized. 

While baking pizza, you can also make other meals, such as baked rice / baked noodles, baked intestines, chicken wings / drumsticks, bread, etc.

Of course, the cost of purchasing equipment is not only the price of the oven, but also the after-sales service of the brand,

that is, the maintenance cost should be controllable, the failure rate should be low, the maintenance frequency should be less, 

and the maintenance processing should be fast. 

Without delaying the normal operation of the store and worrying about the future, it is a good choice.

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