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HEP-12A Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven


Item No. : HEP-12A
Item Name : Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven
Voltage : 220V 50Hz
Workstation Dimension : 350x1000mm
Pizza Size : 12"
Controll : Speed Controll with Temperature Controll
Electric conveyor pizza oven
Discription of pizza oven:
*A bakery equipment of making all kinds of pizza in 50-300 centigrade.
*Convenient operation and quick temperature-raising. Good quality of keeping temperature and electric power-saving are their special points.
*High efficiency burner make heat uniform.
*Ovens with small exterior dimensions, but with a large interior capacity.
*The ovens has been conceived for cooking pizza, although it's also that ideal for roasting, baking cakes, etc.
*Electric models and gas models are available.
Feature of electric conveyor pizza oven:
1. The structure of the conveyor pizza oven is comletely made of stainless steel.
2. Fast heating and even temperature.
3. Upper and lower heating elements separately controll.
4. Conveyor speed control.
5. Temperature adjust control.
6. Temperature range: 50-300 centigrade.
7. Three models bake for 12 inch pizza, 18 inch pizza, 32 inch pizza
Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven (12"pizza)
Model No.: HEP-12A
Dimension(mm): 1120x572x470
Voltage(V)/Frequency(Hz): 220/50
Power(kw): 6.7
Working Dimension(mm): 350x1000
Associated products
HEP-12 electric conveyor pizza oven (12"pizza)
Dimension(mm): 1100x570x360
Voltage(v)/Frequency(Hz): 220/50
Power(kw): 6.7
Workstation dimension(mm): 350x1000
HEP-18 electric conveyor pizza oven (18"pizza)
Dimension(mm): 1560x750x360
Voltage(v)/Frequency(Hz): 380/50
Power(kw): 10.3
Workstation dimension(mm): 500x1450
HEP-32 electric conveyor pizza oven (32"pizza)
Dimension(mm): 2500x1060x450
Voltage(v)/Frequency(Hz): 380/50
Power(kw): 25.5
Workstation dimension(mm): 850x1800

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