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popcorn machines

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popcorn machines

1. Plug in the power line and turn on the "heat preservation lighting" switch. At this time, the bulb and the heat preservation tube under the grain blasting machine begin to work.

2. Turn on the "heating" switch and the popcorn pot starts to work. Please preheat the first pot for 5 minutes.

3. Turn on the "rotation" switch, put the prepared 50g coconut oil into the pot, then put 100g popcorn, and cover the pot. The time to put sugar is to put 50 grams of prepared sugar in before the first popping sound sounds.

4. Usually, the "heating" switch can be turned off when the lid of the popcorn pot is jacked up by a large amount of popcorn.

5. When the "popping" sound slows down from fast to once every two seconds, you can turn off the "rotation" switch, lift the pot cover to the top of the magnet to absorb it, and then hold the handle of the popcorn pot with your left hand and rotate it 90 degrees to the left, so that the popcorn in the pot can slowly pour to the bottom of the popcorn machine.


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