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Our factory, our pride

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For over 10 years, FLAMEMAX  has built itself a kitchen equipment specialist worldwide with good reputation for  excellent quality, outstanding performance, humanity innovation and widely trust .


Our h igh performance equipment are distributed in more than 8 0 countries around the world. Also in the kitchen  equipment  design by the  our  engineer team.  T he reason why we accept ODM/OEM is because we have advanced processing equipment, professional worker, great engineers and communicative sales team.

We not only perform our jobs when working, but also mutual supervision. W e often help and learn from each other. Besides that, we often hold training lessons for workers to improve their skills.

However, that is not only what we have. In order to make everyone know more about each other and create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, we often hold some group activities, like hiking and barbecue.


Flamemax is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of kitchen equipment in China since 2007 !

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