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Manual convection oven of Flamemax

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Manual convection oven of Flamemax

This manual convection oven (also known as a fan-assisted oven or simply a fan oven) is an oven that has fan to circulate steam and air around food. The traditional ovens which without fans, relied primarily on radiation from the oven walls and lesser. The natural convection caused by temperature differences in the oven, to transfer heat to food. In contrast, the fans in convection ovens allow air and steam to heat transfer the heat. This special design make this product a winner in our customer’s country.

Convection oven is one of the hot salling products of FOSHAN NANHAI FLAMEMAX CATERING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Convection ovens distribute heat evenly around the food. And you decide how much the water you want to add to the food, when it is backing. And it also mean that this convection oven can make the food to be cooked with a beautiful looking in a less time, which making this machine as a unique.

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