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HGO-20 Gas Baking Oven (1-deck 2-tray) from Foshan China

Stainless steel bakery oven / 1 decks bakery gas oven /Automatic bakery gas electric bread baking oven
  • HGO-20

Oven, gas baking oven, electric baking oven, baking oven


1. Perspective window, doubel temperature controller, timer function, high efficiency heating element.
2. They adopt advanced electric ignition and monitoring system so that safe and reliable operation can be easily obtained.
3. Each layer of the oven can be used to bake various foods simulta-neously because each layer can be operated independently.
4. This kind of products are of quick temperature-raising, being ecomomical when using gas.
5. Provide you with the choice of more than 35 models.
6. Electric models and gas models are available.

7. Material: Stainless Steel #430


Item No.




 Heat flux








Inner size  



Gas baking oven

 (1-deck 1-tray)

990× 650× 6009       0.1220/50       620x220x490

Gas baking oven

 (1-deck 2-tray)

1380× 900× 60012       0.1220/50       880x710x210

Gas baking oven

 (1-deck 3-tray)

1800× 900× 60021       0.1220/50       1300x710x210

Gas baking oven

(2-deck 4-tray)

1380× 900× 1040+12024       0.2220/50       880x710x210

Gas baking oven

 (2-deck 6-tray)

1800× 900× 1040+12036       0.2220/50       1300x710x210

Gas baking oven

 (3-deck 6-tray)

1380× 900× 1510+12036       0.3220/50       880x710x210

Gas baking oven

 (3-deck 9-tray)

1800× 900× 1510+12048       0.3220/50       1300x710x210

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