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Catering Equipment

  • Model: HGN-70/HEG-72/HGR-74G/HIC-74/HEF-70/HRQ-74
Description : Catering Equipment Gas range 1. Constructed in stainless steel with new commercial open burners. 2. Ovens made of stainless steel, with cast iron lame diffuser for better heat distribution, and high efficiency burner. 3. Fat collectors for open burners, made of stainless steel. 4. Accidental flameout production device system that ensures that gas is fed to the burner only when there is a flame present, thereby avoiding gas leaks. 5. Use of pilot flames for igniting burners. 6. Piezoelectric ignition. 7. Electric models and gas models are available many sizes for customer select 8. Under the burner, electric oven/ gas oven/ cabinet are available. 2-Tank 4-Tasket Gas Deep Fryer with Cabinet 1. All stainless steel construction, beautiful and elegant, durable and hygenian; 2. Leading energy saving design, save time; 3. For commercial use, it is is widely applicable for: Hotels, coffee houses, night clubs, restaurants, KTV, fast foods stores, bread houses, beverage stores, hotel, bars. 4. Capacity: 30+30 Liters 5. Heat Flux: 24 Kw/h 6. Both Gas and electric are available 7. OEM design offer
       Model         size(mm)         power/heat flux
        HGN-70         800X700X980         12kw/h
        HEG-72         800X700X980         9kw/220v/50hz
        HGR-74G         800X700X980         23kw/h
        HIC-74         800X700X980         7.2kw/380v/50hz
        HEF-70         800X700X980         9+9kw/380v/50hz  28+28L
       HRQ-74         800X700X980         7.2kw/380v/50hz
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